Why is Magento Platform Good for Your Ecommerce Site?

Magento is one of the most versatile online shopping cart platforms. It has virtually everything you need to customize and grow your ecommerce site. This open source ecommerce platform has a community with over 380,000 users and it is used by over 125,000 stores worldwide.

A countless number of extensions are available to support any feature you want on your ecommerce site. You can use Magento to sell virtually anything online. It can help you to handle advertising, promotions, SEO, multiple languages, currencies and taxes. Ebay has already adopted it for their upcoming X.commerce site.  Continue reading Why is Magento Platform Good for Your Ecommerce Site?

Google In 50 Years

For some companies the future is very apparent. Virgin Group for instance has already covered a lot of ground in research in space tourism. In fact you can even book your seat for your trip to space if you have quarter of a million U.S. dollars. So Virgin could well be the reigning champion in the space tourism industry in 50 years from now. However, for some companies like Google, future might not be apparent and very hard to predict. Google specialize in providing services related to the internet. Most of their revenue comes from Adwords, which is their online advertising program, the largest of its kind. They also do provide other services like cloud computing, mobile phone software and search. Google search engine has become an integral part of our daily lives that, the term “Google” is synonymous with “Search.” Continue reading Google In 50 Years

Top 5 Benefits of Using Google+

It is basically obvious that Google has at last split the social media puzzle. Google+ is gradually, steadily and certainly moving up the social media staircase. A number of businesses have noticeably moved from other social media sites to Google+. There are a number of reasons as to why Google plus is winning the social media marketing battle. Some of the skyrocketing benefits of using Google+ are:

Video marketing; Google started showing widespread search results. These results are from various sources such as blogs, websites, white papers and videos. As part of the video results, YouTube videos are included in the search results. Note that YouTube is a Google property and is the largest video site online. YouTube result being part of the search has led to the formation and rise of video marketing. Google+ being able to provide video marketing benefits most business pages. Continue reading Top 5 Benefits of Using Google+

Using blogs to get high quality backlinks

Backlinks are used to display other web pages that link to a post. Also known as inbound links, the links can help in retracing other pages to your website. This is increasingly becoming the ideal way of enhancing the credibility of a website. It is an SEO strategy that can yield good results for websites that want to enjoy good search engine rankings. The fact that the links are off-page is a clear indication that there will be no need for editing like in the case of on-page SEO.

Blogs play a very critical role in backlinks. If the content created is of high quality, other people will always want to link to it. This is the reason why online businesses are advised to use interesting, catchy and valuables content for better rankings. Rightly so, creating good content should be the highest priority for a website that aims to feature in credible rankings. Continue reading Using blogs to get high quality backlinks

How Google Stole Yahoo Spotlight

Recently, Google made it to the top 50 US properties with an audience comprising 141 million visitors. What this means is that more people are now using Google to look for career resources, jobs and TV websites in the US. In this scenario, Yahoo now tries to fend off a proxy fight by Carl Icahn, a billionaire investor. Yahoo websites ranked second in the survey with 140.6 million visitors. Google has taken over the property position due to its rapid growth as well as search growth.

Share in Display Advertising: Coming to the question of display advertising, the dominance of Yahoo is now over officially from what it had been 3 years back. In 2008, Yahoo enjoyed the highest market share, peaking at 18.4%. However, this came down to 10.8% in 2011 with revenue displays of $1.35 billion. It is estimated that the share will further dip to 7.5% in the coming year. Continue reading How Google Stole Yahoo Spotlight

Bing VS. Google

Since the internet has no index, users depend on search engines to find a website they want to visit. The distinction between Google and Bing can be likened to the modern day version of coke versus Pepsi. For a majority of individuals, the two search engines are hard to differentiate. Both search the web and deliver content in formats that are easy to read. Users switch between these two search engines without a second thought. While some people might be devoted to Google, others prefer Bing.

If you are loyal to Google, you ought to know that although it produces lightning-fast results, when it stumbles it really falls hard. On the other hand, although Bing delivers uncannily relevant results, it auto-edits search questions in the hope of guessing what the user’s true intention is. Unlike Google which will brings out the queries as searched, Bing brings out many queries thinking the user was mistaken in searching for what he wanted. Continue reading Bing VS. Google